Monday, June 24, 2013

Theme Park "Adventure" bags

So after making the hipsters, I started to think about the unpredictable FL weather. The hipster only has a top zipper closure and wouldn't be much protection if caught in the middle of a park during a sudden shower. I decided I needed to put a FLAP on the bag instead.

I found this ADVENTURE BAG pattern by In Stitches. It was a lot smaller, but I liked the flap option. I also liked the clear pocket to put your Key To The World card or even fast passes for easy access.

I modified this pattern immediately though. I didn't want to put the card pockets under the flap. To me, they just don't seem very secure place to put important cards. So I just cut the same size piece as the front, eliminating the extra fabric for the pockets. However, I did add a layer of white PUL fabric in between the front and back (like batting) to help with making it more water resistant. Even if caught in a downpour, the applique top might get wet, but the water will not soak through underneath. PERFECT!!!!

This is the first completed bag.

I'm not TOO happy with the fabric I chose for the lining. It was really thin and hard to work with. I will also say that while this pattern has a lot of written instructions and photos to follow, I did find it confusing at times. Maybe it was just because it's the first time making it, not too sure.

After taking some time to think about the mistakes I made and small frustrations I had making the Mickey bag, I knew what I wanted to do to make it better.

#1 - Definitely needs to be bigger overall. Mickey is 6x6, as the pattern called for. I wanted one that's a bit wider and deeper (but didn't adjust the front to back width!

#2 - I realized this bag is essentially a mini version of Erins Hipster, just without the top zipper, has a flap and a back pocket. Everything else is pretty much the same. Ohh and I liked Erins strap assembly better than as well, so I will use that way on future bags.

#3 - I'm adding very lightweight interfacing to the lining pieces. Pattern doesn't call for it, but I think it'll help. I also put a fabric edge on the top of the clear pocket. Makes it harder for anything inside it to accidentally slip out should the bag fall sideways or something.

BTW, I have visited Disney over 14 times since I was little. I had these little tips and ideas in my head to create the PERFECT carry bag in the parks. I wanted it small enough to not interfere with getting on/off rides, yet big enough to hold wallet, point & shoot camera, park maps, etc!!!! WHEN I'M NOT LUGGING MY "BIG GIRL" CAMERA GEAR during the day, but THAT is another story for my photography blog....

So off I went back to Joanns for my next try!!!!!

And this is the final result - It is 9x9 and I'm totally loving it:

Closeup of Tigger Applique

Practice makes perfect and the wonky lines on my first attempts at these are now getting better!!!!!

I brought the bag to work & the girls were super impressed with it. GOOD FEEDBACK = motivation to add to our items for sale. I've already got the next "character" theme picked out and when that one is finished, I do plan on selling it. I might hold off and make a few before releasing for sale. WE'LL SEE..... Stay tuned!!!!!!
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