Sunday, July 7, 2013

Craftroom Re-Design Tour

I have FINALLY been able to rip apart my craftroom and totally redesign it!!!! It took several months to figure out everything I wanted/needed to make it completely organized the way I wanted it. It's ALMOST done, but things that are left are minor. So here is a quick little tour!!!!!

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This is what the room looked like after first moving into our house. The huge desk did NOT end up working out like I had originally thought when I purchased it from an old neighbor before we both moved out.


I sold the desk and replaced it temporarily with our "craftshow" table. It would be months before we needed to use it again so it was put to good use while I was planning what to do next.

This was my nightmare.... a black hole for everything that just got thrown somewhere.... couldn't wait to get rid of this mess!!!!

What it would look like on a very busy day

On a quiet day, it's less messy!!


The sale of that original beast of a desk funded the purchase of new IKEA furniture. I finally took down the folding table and replaced it with the Linnmon/Alex set up.

Yes, I jazzed up the drawers and just about everything else I could with Purple Zebra print Duct Tape.

Replaced the TV cabinet with Malm Dresser. It has the Billy Height Extension on top, which gives my Cricut & mats the perfect spot OFF of my desk. It is rather PLAIN compared to the rest of the room so I'm considering adding the same duct tape to it. Though I might cut out words for what is inside the drawers rather than striping the drawers. Still going to add another cube on top of the one here.

The rails on the wall is the Bygel System: RAILS

Purple Containers

Hanging Basket

Jewelry and Scrapbooking Area. I can bring my Cricut over and set it on the edge to cut.

My sewing area now. It's nice to have everything separated and not all in the same spot. Means I can work on different things at the same time (due to suffering from "Craft A.D.D.) and not have to clean up each project to start another. Or worse, have them both on top of each other.

Pano of the whole room

There is still a few more things I would like to do yet. Like adding the cube and still have to cut shelves for my paper cabinet. (Not really pictured as it's not done, but it's what the printer is sitting on now) Need to add a radio as I took out my 60CD changer stereo.

Maybe I'll do an update later with photos of what is IN each drawer too. Those are all organized with $1 store baskets. I have A LOT more room in most of the drawers now too.

For now that's the end of my craftroom tour!!!!!! I'm TOTALLY happy now since i've been planning this for at least a year. It is fully functional, allows for better creativity since it's bright and airy feeling now.

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  1. You have a wonderful area to work in. TFS.