Saturday, May 4, 2013

New store, new products coming....

First, we wanted to apologize for being very quiet on our blog the past couple months. We have been busy coming up with new ideas & products to offer. While our first year sales of paper crafting items basically flew off our tables, the next year or so, we didn’t do well at all. We then realized that peoples taste change a lot more than we anticipated. At our last show in December 2012, I paid close attention to other vendor tables and how busy certain ones were and how others were very quiet, like ours. Again, noticing how what was once popular the year before seemed almost abandoned the very next year.

So during the later winter months, we thought we’d offer brand new things, such as jewelry, plastic canvas items, and possibly embroidered items. We only have our 2 regular craft shows at the end of the year scheduled so we will see how things go.

We have also opened an online store via It is an e-commerce setup closely resembling Etsy, but it is 100% free of any listing or final sales fees. While Etsy may be the hot place at the moment, unless you are doing heavy volume in sales or have high priced items, the fee associated with selling there were too high for us right now. Storenvy only accepts Paypal as payments and is totally secure. So far, we’ve been happy with the setup.

Our store link is:
C & S Designs Store

We also wanted to take a minute to thank all of those that follow our blog or like us on Facebook. Please stay tuned as we’ll be posting more about our new things coming soon.

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