Monday, September 2, 2013

Another One Direction Birthday Card

My cousin still loves One Direction, so here is this years birthday card for her!!!!

RECIPE: No Cricut files used at all on this card. I made all my own SVG's. I traced Pop N Cuts popup die. I traced the Pop N Cuts star insert. I traced a one Direction silhouette for the heads. Font for Jades' name cut from font file I downloaded.
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You Rock - Birthday Card

Newest in the Rockin' Birthday Card Series:

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Craftroom Re-Design Tour

I have FINALLY been able to rip apart my craftroom and totally redesign it!!!! It took several months to figure out everything I wanted/needed to make it completely organized the way I wanted it. It's ALMOST done, but things that are left are minor. So here is a quick little tour!!!!!

¨*•.¸¸♥¸.•*¨*•☆☆•*¨☆•*¨*~ENJOY ~*☆¨*•☆☆•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸.•*¨*

This is what the room looked like after first moving into our house. The huge desk did NOT end up working out like I had originally thought when I purchased it from an old neighbor before we both moved out.


I sold the desk and replaced it temporarily with our "craftshow" table. It would be months before we needed to use it again so it was put to good use while I was planning what to do next.

This was my nightmare.... a black hole for everything that just got thrown somewhere.... couldn't wait to get rid of this mess!!!!

What it would look like on a very busy day

On a quiet day, it's less messy!!


The sale of that original beast of a desk funded the purchase of new IKEA furniture. I finally took down the folding table and replaced it with the Linnmon/Alex set up.

Yes, I jazzed up the drawers and just about everything else I could with Purple Zebra print Duct Tape.

Replaced the TV cabinet with Malm Dresser. It has the Billy Height Extension on top, which gives my Cricut & mats the perfect spot OFF of my desk. It is rather PLAIN compared to the rest of the room so I'm considering adding the same duct tape to it. Though I might cut out words for what is inside the drawers rather than striping the drawers. Still going to add another cube on top of the one here.

The rails on the wall is the Bygel System: RAILS

Purple Containers

Hanging Basket

Jewelry and Scrapbooking Area. I can bring my Cricut over and set it on the edge to cut.

My sewing area now. It's nice to have everything separated and not all in the same spot. Means I can work on different things at the same time (due to suffering from "Craft A.D.D.) and not have to clean up each project to start another. Or worse, have them both on top of each other.

Pano of the whole room

There is still a few more things I would like to do yet. Like adding the cube and still have to cut shelves for my paper cabinet. (Not really pictured as it's not done, but it's what the printer is sitting on now) Need to add a radio as I took out my 60CD changer stereo.

Maybe I'll do an update later with photos of what is IN each drawer too. Those are all organized with $1 store baskets. I have A LOT more room in most of the drawers now too.

For now that's the end of my craftroom tour!!!!!! I'm TOTALLY happy now since i've been planning this for at least a year. It is fully functional, allows for better creativity since it's bright and airy feeling now.
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Theme Park "Adventure" bags

So after making the hipsters, I started to think about the unpredictable FL weather. The hipster only has a top zipper closure and wouldn't be much protection if caught in the middle of a park during a sudden shower. I decided I needed to put a FLAP on the bag instead.

I found this ADVENTURE BAG pattern by In Stitches. It was a lot smaller, but I liked the flap option. I also liked the clear pocket to put your Key To The World card or even fast passes for easy access.

I modified this pattern immediately though. I didn't want to put the card pockets under the flap. To me, they just don't seem very secure place to put important cards. So I just cut the same size piece as the front, eliminating the extra fabric for the pockets. However, I did add a layer of white PUL fabric in between the front and back (like batting) to help with making it more water resistant. Even if caught in a downpour, the applique top might get wet, but the water will not soak through underneath. PERFECT!!!!

This is the first completed bag.

I'm not TOO happy with the fabric I chose for the lining. It was really thin and hard to work with. I will also say that while this pattern has a lot of written instructions and photos to follow, I did find it confusing at times. Maybe it was just because it's the first time making it, not too sure.

After taking some time to think about the mistakes I made and small frustrations I had making the Mickey bag, I knew what I wanted to do to make it better.

#1 - Definitely needs to be bigger overall. Mickey is 6x6, as the pattern called for. I wanted one that's a bit wider and deeper (but didn't adjust the front to back width!

#2 - I realized this bag is essentially a mini version of Erins Hipster, just without the top zipper, has a flap and a back pocket. Everything else is pretty much the same. Ohh and I liked Erins strap assembly better than as well, so I will use that way on future bags.

#3 - I'm adding very lightweight interfacing to the lining pieces. Pattern doesn't call for it, but I think it'll help. I also put a fabric edge on the top of the clear pocket. Makes it harder for anything inside it to accidentally slip out should the bag fall sideways or something.

BTW, I have visited Disney over 14 times since I was little. I had these little tips and ideas in my head to create the PERFECT carry bag in the parks. I wanted it small enough to not interfere with getting on/off rides, yet big enough to hold wallet, point & shoot camera, park maps, etc!!!! WHEN I'M NOT LUGGING MY "BIG GIRL" CAMERA GEAR during the day, but THAT is another story for my photography blog....

So off I went back to Joanns for my next try!!!!!

And this is the final result - It is 9x9 and I'm totally loving it:

Closeup of Tigger Applique

Practice makes perfect and the wonky lines on my first attempts at these are now getting better!!!!!

I brought the bag to work & the girls were super impressed with it. GOOD FEEDBACK = motivation to add to our items for sale. I've already got the next "character" theme picked out and when that one is finished, I do plan on selling it. I might hold off and make a few before releasing for sale. WE'LL SEE..... Stay tuned!!!!!!
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Disney Inspired Hipster Bag

Since we're going to Disney in November this year, I've obviously been doing A LOT of Disney Inspired things.

I came across this awesome facebook page that had amazing Disney inspired handmade bags. (Serendipi D~) She has a year waiting list and each one is very expensive, though absolutely worth it. So I figured, hey…. I can probably make one myself. I mean, I jumped head first into quilting last year, why can’t I do this too.

So I started researching how she did it. I do NOT own an embroidery machine and although Mom does, I knew that the characters on the bags were much bigger than the largest hoop her machine allowed. Then I came across Youtube videos for “fusible web applique” and there was my answer. You do not NEED an embroidery machine. A simple home sewing machine with zigzag stitch was all you need. OK, I tested my settings out and found one that worked almost as nice and smooth as a real embroidery machines “satin stitch”. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!

First steps were finding a pattern for the bag itself. I eventually found & purchased both of Erin Ericksons’ Two Zip Hipster” and “Essential Wristlet” patterns. PERFECT!!!!!

Essential Wristlet

Two Zip Hipster

Her instructions are crystal clear and super simple to follow. The printable pattern pieces are AWESOME!!!!

Off to Joanns I went. I knew the exact design, well TWO designs, I wanted to make. I purchased the absolutely CHEAPEST/onsale mostly solid color fabric I could as I didn’t want to “waste” money if I totally screwed it all up. It was still good quality fabric, just not the designer brand name prints. Though I wanted several prints, I used willpower and told myself, if it works and I do a decent job, I can always create MORE bags with the prettier fabric.

I already had the brown, dark marbled blue, and yellow in my stash.....
Next up was choosing my image by searching for coloring pages. Since again, this was my first attempt and also since this would be a gift my Mom would be the proud recipient of, I chose the same image used by the lady mentioned above. I figured I could study and follow her sewing lines to learn. I just flipped my image opposite of hers. (I didn’t want an exact copy of course)

Here is the image I used. I had to do a little photoshop editing and playing around with printing settings (enlarging) to get the right size.


I printed several and cut apart each piece based on the color fabric for each part. Next step was printing out the pattern pieces, taping them together, then cutting out all the parts of the bag. I needed to cut out the front of the bag to use as my base for Mickey appliqué. (Next time I think I’ll just cut a larger piece than needed, do the appliqué, then cut out the exact piece I need…. After appliquéing, my front piece ended up being slighty smaller so I had to adjust some things later on when putting the bag together ~~ LESSON LEARNED)

What my desks look like when I'm working:

I fused Steam A Seam to the back of the fabrics I would use for Mickeys parts. **Being very careful to do it on the correct side since I was flipping the image, this was tricky**. Then, I cut out all the pieces. Laying them out to make sure they fit together nicely and were the right size I was looking for before permanently fusing them. (I later realized I needed to leave a lot more room along the bottom as part of Mickeys belly is now on the BOTTOM of the bag. ~~ LESSON #2 LEARNED)

After fusing, I started the long task of “satin stitching” around the edges of each part. I practiced several times on scrap fabric for curves, points, corners, etc! The settings I used on my machine were: .1 length and between 2.5-3.0 width. This gave me a decent stitch. While there are a bunch of mistakes (missing the edge of fabric, wonky curved lines, etc...), I am pretty happy with the end result. It finished out a lot better than I honestly expected. At this time, I also created a Tinkerbell panel as I’ll be making myself a bag too!!!!

Have to say this again.... Sewing the actual bag together was a synch. Erin does an AMAZING job on all her tuts (I purchased 4 total). It went together a lot faster than I expected. It took longer just cutting Mickey out than it did cutting the bag pieces and stitching together.

Though, you do need a VERY SHARP/NEW needle to go through more than 5 layers of fabric at times. My machine got stuck several times and skipped stitches so I had to take them out and redo manually using the hand wheel. I added the ruffle above the zipper on the front myself… it was NOT in the pattern… this added 2 layers of already 3-4 layers of fabric/interfacing.

I also made a matching small wristlet as well. I didn’t take photos, but you can see the finished wristlet.


The whole process from start to finish took about 3 weeks. I started well before Mothers Day. I knew I wouldn't get it finished before then, but planned to give it to Mom before our Disney trip in November. BUT because I got way too over excited to share the finished bag with SOMEONE other than my husband, I posted it to a Homemade Disney group on Facebook. I didn't realize it was an open group (but made sure Mom was NOT a member first....) and somehow the photo ended up on my newsfeed.... thus showing Mom my "surprise".... HEE HEE!!!!! So she's getting it a lot earlier than planned..... BUT SHE LOVES IT from the photos she's seen.... However, photos do it NO JUSTICE whatsoever.... Can't wait for her to see it in person soon....

I have also finished my bag: Tinkerbell!!!!!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Handstamped Pendants ~ Disney Inspired Line

One of the new things I've wanted to try for awhile is jewelry. I wanted something totally fresh that I haven't seen at our past craft shows. Pinterest has provided a wealth of inspiration and I found these hand stamped necklaces from mothers and bridal gifts. I thought they were really nice.


I created a whole line of Disney Inspired Handstamped Pendants, mostly princesses, but will slowly be adding to the collection as ideas come to mind/requests from clients come in. (Currently, Lilo/Stitch & Minnie Mouse will soon be available)

Tinkerbell, Nemo, Rapunzel, and Lion King

Disney Cruise Line, Snow White, Belle, and Jasmine

Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, and Mickey Mouse

Here is the link to purchase from our store: Diz Inspired Handstamped Pendants

Special thanks to DENISE from Facebook. It was *HER* idea for the Disney Cruise Line pendant. This has been my most popular one thus far.

**I am completely open to any requests so if you don't see something, please don't hestitate to ask. If there is a matching charm available, I will create it for you.**
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

New store, new products coming....

First, we wanted to apologize for being very quiet on our blog the past couple months. We have been busy coming up with new ideas & products to offer. While our first year sales of paper crafting items basically flew off our tables, the next year or so, we didn’t do well at all. We then realized that peoples taste change a lot more than we anticipated. At our last show in December 2012, I paid close attention to other vendor tables and how busy certain ones were and how others were very quiet, like ours. Again, noticing how what was once popular the year before seemed almost abandoned the very next year.

So during the later winter months, we thought we’d offer brand new things, such as jewelry, plastic canvas items, and possibly embroidered items. We only have our 2 regular craft shows at the end of the year scheduled so we will see how things go.

We have also opened an online store via It is an e-commerce setup closely resembling Etsy, but it is 100% free of any listing or final sales fees. While Etsy may be the hot place at the moment, unless you are doing heavy volume in sales or have high priced items, the fee associated with selling there were too high for us right now. Storenvy only accepts Paypal as payments and is totally secure. So far, we’ve been happy with the setup.

Our store link is:
C & S Designs Store

We also wanted to take a minute to thank all of those that follow our blog or like us on Facebook. Please stay tuned as we’ll be posting more about our new things coming soon.
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

C & S Designs is now on Facebook

We can now be found on Facebook!!! Whooo Hooooo!!!

Please like us at:


And while we have been away from the blogsphere, we have been busily creating new items for purchase. Some of these things include plastic canvas creations and jewelry!!!! You can see some photos of our new items up now on Facebook.

Also, we are currently working on setting up a e-commerce store to make it easier for purchasing. This new function will be intergrated with Facebook and is fully secure, with payments through Paypal!!!!

We are considering signing up for some Spring crafts show.... we didn't have much luck in the past with the couple spring shows we did, so we've been reluctant to try one again. However, with the new items we are making, we think we may do well!
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