Saturday, March 10, 2012

Conwell Egan Spring Craft Show - March 4, 2012

Conwell Egan High School was our very first craft show during the Christmas season we signed up for in 2010. Despite the lack of advertising in the area, we didn't do that bad for "first timers". For 2011, we found other shows in the area that fell on the same day as Conwell so we skipped 2011. We thought about trying a Spring show for the first time so we signed up for Conwells 2012 Spring show. BAD CHOICE!!!

In talking with several other vendors, they all came to the same conclusion. Since the head organizers changed, the attendance rates have fallen significantly because they do not advertise well at all. We were told that parents of the kids who attend the school RARELY show up to any of the functions (craft shows, PTA meetings, etc) the schools have. Parents were the one who yelled the loudest when this school was one of the area catholic schools threatened to close earlier this year. If parents do nothing during the year to support and promote fundraisers, what do they expect??? Needless to say, Conwell Egan will no longer be on our list of attended shows.

Anywhoo, we still thought to share our table set up for this show.... there are Spring and Easter themed items pictured that I didn't get a chance to photograph before we gave them away at Easter!!!!

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