Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Rockin' Birthday Card

Cricut Carts - Hanna Montana, Indie Art
SCAL for stars and Name
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Flyers Tshirt Quilt

I decided I wanted to jump into my next huge project…. a TShirt quilt!!! Specifically FLYERS!!!! Since NHL does NOT license their logos & the bedding you can get is extremely expensive, I wanted my own personal blanket!!! So I started collecting the FREE playoff tshirts. Well, some of them weren't free "to me"…. I purchased a lot of 5 from bay for $8.99. The rest my Mom and brother gave me…. (Good thing because the "Hulk Hogan - Whatcha gonna do" shirt was going for over $25 on ebay… was NOT paying that!!!!)

Here is the start of the collecting...

Rough cutting….

Figuring out all the math & measurements….. May not have been the perfect method, but it worked….

Cut to size….

Had to sew 2 shirts together because the logos were very small compared to the others…..

Cutting the sashing strips…..

Sewing blocks together with sashing…..

Deciding how to make the middle block POP…..

All done sewing together…..

Designing the back of the quilt….. Didn't just want it to be plain black…..

Prepping the binding…..

Quilting the layers together…..

Attaching the binding….. (pay no attention to the wonky quilt lines.... just gives it "character"....LOL!!!

ALLLLLLLLL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took approximately 30 hours over 3 weeks to design, cut, finish……and I'm totally happy with how it turned out..... Now the plan is to eventually get players to autograph it!!!!
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