Saturday, December 15, 2012

Glasgow High School Craft Show - Dec 8th, 2012

This was our 3rd at Glasgow. A little disappointed as this year, we didn't do soo well. Peoples interested seemed to change again. So now we have to brainstorm and decide what new items we will offer next year..... do we stay with paper crafts or start to incorporate other things???

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Charles Boehm Craft Show - Nov 3, 2012

This was our 2nd year as a vendor here at this show. Due to the recent hurricane, attendance was noticeably lower than the first year, but we still did pretty good. Charles Boehm PTO continues to prove amazing with their organization & wonderful volunteers that help pull this together.

We had some new items such as the super adorable Sock Snowmen, Junior Mint Characters, and Mug Rug/Coffee Coozie sets that will be great Christmas gifts. Hopefully our next show in December down in DE will see these items flying off the table since it will be 3 weeks before Christmas. New items will also be added to Glasgow show as well.

Here was our table set up!!!!

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ready To Rock Birthday Card

Next in the series of ROCKIN' birthday cards that I make for 2 different girls that share the SAME name....

Another Rockin' Birthday Card - For Julz #1

Rockin' Birthday Card - For Jules #2 (later I found out she spells her name "Jules" so it was wrong on this card)

For Jules #2

RECIPE: Hanna Montana Cricut Cartridge, Indie Art Cartridge
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Sewing Project - Camera Strap Cover

I took measurements from my old camera strap cover and designed this one!!!! I was at Joanns today looking for other things I needed and came across this fabric, which almost exactly matches my photography branding!!!!! 30 mins after setting up when I got home.... THIS WAS FINISHED!!!!!!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

One Direction Bday Card

So the hottest group among pre-teens and teens is One Direction. My cousins' daughter is OBSESSED with them. Her birthday is coming up so I designed this card for her. I can't WAIT to hear all about her reaction....

Recipe: SCAL to trace character image, group logo, and fonts from my computer Cricut Stamping Solutions for the Happy Birthday sentiment
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 Craft Show Schedule

So this will be our 3rd year attending craft shows in our local areas. We have weeded out the fairs that lack decent attendance or have very little sales despite high traffic. Each year, interest in top selling items seems to change drastically. We have plans to add quite a variety of new items this year in hopes to attract new customers.

This year, we will be returning to:

Saturday November 3th- Yardley, PA
Charles Boehm Middle School
866 Big Oak Road
Yardley, PA 19067
Hours 9am-3pm   

Will update location when confirmed

ADMISSION FEE applies!!!

Saturday December 8th - Newark, DE

Glasgow High School
1901 South College Avenue
Newark, DE 19702
Hours 9am-3pm

Will update location when confirmed

If some new shows pop up, we may decide to attend, but for now, these are our only 2 confirmed shows!!!
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Rockin' Birthday Card

Cricut Carts - Hanna Montana, Indie Art
SCAL for stars and Name
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Flyers Tshirt Quilt

I decided I wanted to jump into my next huge project…. a TShirt quilt!!! Specifically FLYERS!!!! Since NHL does NOT license their logos & the bedding you can get is extremely expensive, I wanted my own personal blanket!!! So I started collecting the FREE playoff tshirts. Well, some of them weren't free "to me"…. I purchased a lot of 5 from bay for $8.99. The rest my Mom and brother gave me…. (Good thing because the "Hulk Hogan - Whatcha gonna do" shirt was going for over $25 on ebay… was NOT paying that!!!!)

Here is the start of the collecting...

Rough cutting….

Figuring out all the math & measurements….. May not have been the perfect method, but it worked….

Cut to size….

Had to sew 2 shirts together because the logos were very small compared to the others…..

Cutting the sashing strips…..

Sewing blocks together with sashing…..

Deciding how to make the middle block POP…..

All done sewing together…..

Designing the back of the quilt….. Didn't just want it to be plain black…..

Prepping the binding…..

Quilting the layers together…..

Attaching the binding….. (pay no attention to the wonky quilt lines.... just gives it "character"....LOL!!!

ALLLLLLLLL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took approximately 30 hours over 3 weeks to design, cut, finish……and I'm totally happy with how it turned out..... Now the plan is to eventually get players to autograph it!!!!
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