Sunday, November 6, 2011

Charles Boehm Craft Show - Nov 5, 2011

This was our first year setting up at this show. We've heard many great things about it. We did pretty decent considering this & we're happy with the turnout. This show has the best overall organization of any we've attended. We were the ONLY table with the type of items that we sell, which was a plus. There were more jewelry tables than anything, yet each similar vendor wasn't really near each other. After 22 years of hosting this show, Charles Boehm PTO really have a great set up plan. Every single item was in fact, hand made... there was NO Avon/Tastefully Simple/Premier Jewerly type vendors. Nothing against those companies, but at CRAFT shows, they should not be allowed as we've seen in a couple from last year.

We will definitely return next year. Though now I think we will be spoiled with the TWELVE FOOT table vs the typical 8 foot we usually have.

SPEICAL THANKS to Rachel for spending the day with us & helping out!!! It really was a day full of fun & great conversation!!!

Since we do shows in PA & DE, it's been interesting to see what items are more popular based on the area we are in. What was extremely popular in DE last year, hardly had any interest at this show & vice versa!!! The more shows we do, the more we will learn just what to make for each specific show.

Also, despite the start of all the Christmas commercials & retail store displays, our Christmas items really didn't have much interest this early!!! Our next show is a repeat from last year. I'm hoping the items that I couldn't keep in stock will again be flying off the table since we're going to be making A LOT of those this year. We shall see....


  1. What a great assortment of items. I so enjoy thed colors of fall. They are to me the most relaxing.
    Here's to hope that you sell your inventory!!!

  2. Wow, this looks so cool! You have so much variety. I sold cards today at church to raise money for missions. I thought mine looked more professional than when I did it years ago because I bought boxes and bags from Haha, then I see yours and am just WOWed!!!

  3. I'm glad the craft show was a success and that next year you will have a bigger table. You had a beautiful set up. I also wanted to mention I like your new blog design.