Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brand New Items for this year...

WOW, where did the summer go….

Mom & I have been steadily busy prepping for our Holiday Craft shows coming up very soon. When we finalize our schedule, we'll post it so you know where we will be. In the meantime, here are some photos of all the brand *NEW* items we will be selling this year. We have more but just haven't gotten to photographing everything yet...

Edibles Items (Candy holders, Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate Holders, etc):
Herheys' Nugget Matchbox:

Friendship Tea Bag Holders:

Feel Better Soon Kits:

Owls Candy Holder-

Mr Snowman Hot Chocolate

Stationary Items (Desk Accessories, Greeting/Note Cards, etc):

We sell several versions of Post It Note Holders:

Notecard box contains 10 cards:

Purse Organizer DVD Case- This contains a pen, notepad, and calendar neatly held inside a DVD case that will fit inside your purse

Jumbo Clothespin Photo Holder

Another birthday card!!!


  1. I love them all!! Great ideas!!

  2. Wow!!!! Your craft show projects are AWESOME!!! I especially love the snowmen in the bottles.

  3. Cathy & Stacy,

    Beautiful projects! You both have been quite busy.

  4. How much are the snowmen( hot Choc) and the post -it holders

  5. Scrappermom, The Snowmen are $5.00 and the post its are between $5.00-$9.00 depending on which set you would like. The 4x6 size is $5, 5x7 size are $6, and the Postit with calendar sets are $9.00.

    Thanks to everyone else for their comments!!!! We appreciate them very much....


  6. these are so cute. Love the snowman especially. TFS